TOP Free to Play MMORPG (2014/2015) has reviewed the best free online MMORPG games for you. MMORPGs are online multiplayer games in which you play with one or more characters in a fictional world (often fantasy or sci-fi). MMORPGs allow you to interact with thousands of other players in a virtual universe of a game. Games are usually web browser-based (no download) or client-based, means that you will need to download it on your device.
Graphics: 9.0   World: 8.4   Gameplay: 8.6

Tera: Rising

Bluehole Studio (2011)
MMORPG | Two titans built the world of Tera on their backs, turning what was once their dream into a reality. Once created, twelve Gods inhabited Tera. Initially peace reigned, but eventually they all began to fight. The dream continued, giving birth to mortals who were created by the gods...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.5   Gameplay: 9.0

Animal Jam

National Geographic (2010)
Top Rated Educational Game for Kids! Play and customize as your favorite animal, choose which pet you’d love to adopt, and learn the most fun and interesting facts about animals, their habitats, and wildlife simultaneously! Team up with other players for parties, tons of adventure, and mores focussed on learning...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.9   Gameplay: 8.6

League of Angels

GtArcade (2014)
MMORPG | It’s time to battle against the forces of evil in order to save a league of beautiful angels. Battle through quests to achieve gold and treasure to better your gear. Plan your attacks accordingly, battle against other players, gain rewards from daily bosses and cross-over battles to achieve...
Graphics: 9.0   World: 8.2   Gameplay: 8.1

Drakensang Online

Bigpoint (2011)
MMORPG | Creatures from the world of Anderworld have crawled out of their hole to destroy the lands of Dracania. The population is slowly being ravaged but luckily there is a league of heroes fighting with everything they have to preserve the land. The high priestess Khalys is behind the...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.8   Gameplay: 8.2

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Warner Bros. Entertainment (2009)
MMORPG | You’re shipwrecked on the region Xen’drik, in the world of Eberron. You’ve lost everything but luckily you’re aided by a group of citizens. However they’re on a journey of their own – they wish to defeat an enemy on a related island. You’ll help them complete their quest...
Graphics: 8.1   World: 8.9   Gameplay: 7.8


Hi-Rez Studios (2014)
MOBA | Pick a mythological deity from the well known such as Hercules, Athena, and Cupid, to the obscure (but deadly) like Arachne, Ne Zha, and Ymir. Play 5v5 matches against real people or bots – your choosing! Master unique abilities, learn specific builds, play in creative arenas filled with...
Graphics: 7.6   World: 8.6   Gameplay: 8.0

Aura Kingdom

X-legend (2014)
MMORPG | You’re an envoy from a small port town. Life is ordinary until you’re suddenly accompanied by an Eidolon – said to be a monstrosity that will turn you into a monster yourself! Before you, another envoy was turned into a demon because of his Eidolon. He now fights...
Graphics: 7.6   World: 8.6   Gameplay: 7.8


7th Road (2012)
MMORPG | Choose a hero from three available classes with predetermined abilities for each. You’re tasked with the great responsibility to bring prosperity back to a ruined kingdom. Rebuild battered towns by bringing in currency as well as outside resources. Recruit people to join your growing army to battle monsters...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 7.6   Gameplay: 8.0

Nova Genesis

R2Games (2015)
MMORPG | Powerful factions have disrupted the peace in Cerulea. They want the world’s resources to bring them unimaginable power. Few wish to fight against the factions but you, the hero, want to end their reign and bring Cerulea back into the harmonious space it once was. Nova Genesis official video:...
Graphics: 7.7   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.8


Cryptic Studios (2013)
MMORPG | Chaos wages after the last lord of Neverwinter vanishes. After Neverwinter was nearly destroyed by a Primordial Fire elemental and the Spellplague, those who survived the destruction formed fractions who fight against each other. Soon after, the citizens who died by the elemental and plague began to rise...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.0


KOG Games (2007)
MMORPG | You’re one the three warriors living on the world of Elrios. Peace reigns but it was rumoured the land was once forsaken. The Tree of El protects everything but the powers are weakening. With two others, you’re searching to find what evil is stealing the Tree of El’s...
Graphics: 6.9   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.2

Bleach Online

R2Games (2014)
MMORPG | After becoming seriously wounded, Captain Commander Yamamoto rescues you but you end up sleeping for a thousand years. After awaking, the Commander is still there with you and after realizing you no longer remember anything, Yamamoto decides sending you to the Human World is your best bet to...