Best Free MMO Games List (July, 2015)

There are ton of MMO games (RPG, Strategy and Shooters) available online, that’s why it’s so easy to get lost in that variety, for that reason we’ve taken care of our users and dipped our toes in all of the current MMO worlds and picked out the ones you should totally try. From the medieval fantasy worlds packed with loot grinding, to expansive space-age universes, there’s a MMO for just about anyone. Check our latest MMO top games list and play right now…

Graphics: 8.9   World: 9.1   Gameplay: 9.4


Plarium (2013)
MMORTS | Stormfall, the once great stronghold of an empire, has fallen. Lords now fight for what’s left of the land in Darkshine. But citizens wish for a uniter to bring the lands back together under one empire as an ancient evil threatens the lives of all. So here you...
Graphics: 9.0   World: 8.7   Gameplay: 9.3

Sparta: War of Empires

Plarium (2014)
MMORTS | It’s 5th century BC, and Xerxes’ Persian Empire threatens the existence of ancient Greece. Combat isn’t enough to fight against his mighty army – strategic politics and diplomacy are necessary to overthrow his reign. You’ve been guided by King Leonidas and through the use of his Spartan army,...
Graphics: 8.6   World: 8.8   Gameplay: 9.4

Forge of Empires

Innogames (2014)
MMORTS | Become a ruler, build your castle, and see it’s growth throughout the ages, beginning with the Stone Ages and onwards. As the time progresses, more technology specific to that time age will become available to you to use as you see fit. Build up the cities population to...
Graphics: 9.0   World: 8.4   Gameplay: 8.6

Tera: Rising

Bluehole Studio (2011)
MMORPG | Two titans built the world of Tera on their backs, turning what was once their dream into a reality. Once created, twelve Gods inhabited Tera. Initially peace reigned, but eventually they all began to fight. The dream continued, giving birth to mortals who were created by the gods...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.5   Gameplay: 9.0

Animal Jam

National Geographic (2010)
Top Rated Educational Game for Kids! Play and customize as your favorite animal, choose which pet you’d love to adopt, and learn the most fun and interesting facts about animals, their habitats, and wildlife simultaneously! Team up with other players for parties, tons of adventure, and mores focussed on learning...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.9   Gameplay: 8.6

League of Angels

GtArcade (2014)
MMORPG | It’s time to battle against the forces of evil in order to save a league of beautiful angels. Battle through quests to achieve gold and treasure to better your gear. Plan your attacks accordingly, battle against other players, gain rewards from daily bosses and cross-over battles to achieve...
Graphics: 9.0   World: 8.2   Gameplay: 8.1

Drakensang Online

Bigpoint (2011)
MMORPG | Creatures from the world of Anderworld have crawled out of their hole to destroy the lands of Dracania. The population is slowly being ravaged but luckily there is a league of heroes fighting with everything they have to preserve the land. The high priestess Khalys is behind the...
Graphics: 8.3   World: 8.2   Gameplay: 8.6

Tribal Wars 2

InnoGames (2014)
MMORTS | As the ruler of a castle, you must defend your kingdom with the help of your generals and knights. Create armies worthy of fighting for you and your civilians who are relying on your wisdom and growing strength to defend against enemies wanting not only your land, but...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.8   Gameplay: 8.2

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Warner Bros. Entertainment (2009)
MMORPG | You’re shipwrecked on the region Xen’drik, in the world of Eberron. You’ve lost everything but luckily you’re aided by a group of citizens. However they’re on a journey of their own – they wish to defeat an enemy on a related island. You’ll help them complete their quest...
Graphics: 8.1   World: 8.9   Gameplay: 7.8


Hi-Rez Studios (2014)
MOBA | Pick a mythological deity from the well known such as Hercules, Athena, and Cupid, to the obscure (but deadly) like Arachne, Ne Zha, and Ymir. Play 5v5 matches against real people or bots – your choosing! Master unique abilities, learn specific builds, play in creative arenas filled with...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.2   Gameplay: 8.3

Pirates Tides of Fortune

Plarium (2015)
MMORTS | You’re a pirate living on a not-so-paradise island of sand and very little supplies. You’re going to move your way up the pirate ranks in order to develop an empire from the nothing you currently have. You’ll fight against other pirates on the high seas, use your smarts,...
Graphics: 9.0   World: 7.0   Gameplay: 8.5

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment (2012)
Using aviation, military vehicles and fleets, battles that once happened during the Korean War and World War II will be fought anew – with you! You won’t leap into battle on your own; real players from around the world can join you every step of the way. You’ll have access...
Graphics: 7.6   World: 8.6   Gameplay: 8.0

Aura Kingdom

X-legend (2014)
MMORPG | You’re an envoy from a small port town. Life is ordinary until you’re suddenly accompanied by an Eidolon – said to be a monstrosity that will turn you into a monster yourself! Before you, another envoy was turned into a demon because of his Eidolon. He now fights...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 8.1

Soldier’s Inc

Plarium (2013)
MMORTS | Modern warfare has changed. Mineral rights are exclusive to the East African Republic of Zandia with the Zheng Shi Security Combine. Assembled within China by mining companies, the Zheng Shi Security Combine attempts to maintain their monopoly in the country. You want to claim your right in Zandia...
Graphics: 7.6   World: 8.6   Gameplay: 7.8


7th Road (2012)
MMORPG | Choose a hero from three available classes with predetermined abilities for each. You’re tasked with the great responsibility to bring prosperity back to a ruined kingdom. Rebuild battered towns by bringing in currency as well as outside resources. Recruit people to join your growing army to battle monsters...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 7.8   Gameplay: 8.0


37Games (2014)
MMORTS | Decide which throne to battle with between the Kingdom of Albion, Nords Alliance, or the Empire of Gorm. You fight to conquer the world alongside your allegiance. Build an army worthy of your kingdom by recruiting the strongest of generals and troops available to win against the opposing...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 7.6   Gameplay: 8.0

Nova Genesis

R2Games (2015)
MMORPG | Powerful factions have disrupted the peace in Cerulea. They want the world’s resources to bring them unimaginable power. Few wish to fight against the factions but you, the hero, want to end their reign and bring Cerulea back into the harmonious space it once was. Nova Genesis official video:...
Graphics: 7.7   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.8


Cryptic Studios (2013)
MMORPG | Chaos wages after the last lord of Neverwinter vanishes. After Neverwinter was nearly destroyed by a Primordial Fire elemental and the Spellplague, those who survived the destruction formed fractions who fight against each other. Soon after, the citizens who died by the elemental and plague began to rise...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 7.6   Gameplay: 7.6

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Studios (2012)
MMORTS | Set in the middle ages, you are one of many attempting to build a powerful army that will protect your castle from harm, and battle any opposers who meet your gate. Conquer other lands, defeat other players to steal their castles, and grow your army to eventually become...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.0


KOG Games (2007)
MMORPG | You’re one the three warriors living on the world of Elrios. Peace reigns but it was rumoured the land was once forsaken. The Tree of El protects everything but the powers are weakening. With two others, you’re searching to find what evil is stealing the Tree of El’s...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 7.0   Gameplay: 8.0

Desert Operations

Playzo (2008)
MMOTPS | You’re a new ruler of a small country. You are completely in control of your country’s growth and development in every aspect. Problem is, there are thousands of other rulers who wish to steal from you and burn your country to the ground. Save yourself, your people, and...
Graphics: 7.0   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.8


Gameforge (1999)
MMORTS | While living in space you take a world lacking currency and resources and develop it into an empire. Better the economy to achieve technological substance, battle against other empires, and create galactic alliances to strengthen your empire! It’s up to you to decide which sort of ruler you...
Graphics: 7.6   World: 7.0   Gameplay: 8.0

Rail Nation

Travian Games (2013)
MMORTS | It’s time to become the manager of a train company! Play with other players while managing your trains, the tracks, and all of its stops and destinations. Create your own tracks and trains from scratch on a gorgeous map with lots of potential. Have your trains transport resources...
Graphics: 6.9   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.2

Bleach Online

R2Games (2014)
MMORPG | After becoming seriously wounded, Captain Commander Yamamoto rescues you but you end up sleeping for a thousand years. After awaking, the Commander is still there with you and after realizing you no longer remember anything, Yamamoto decides sending you to the Human World is your best bet to...
Graphics: 7.0   World: 7.0   Gameplay: 7.0

Big Farm

Goodgame Studios (2010)
MMORTS | Although in sort of a mess, your Uncle George has given you a farm, filled with animals and various resources to run it. But it’s in need of rebuilding and potentially even expansion. Uncle George has entrusted you to use your wisdom, business skills, management and the help...