Best free action games

The best war action games and FPS are on! Single or multiplayer online war games let you take control of one or more soldiers to push enemy lines through all sorts of different weapons. In action games you complete various tactical operations, for example, “capture the flag” where you must take possession of enemy lines in cooperation with other players. Action games are either in first-person shooter (FPS) or third-person shooter (TPS) view.
Graphics: 9.0   World: 8.7   Gameplay: 9.3

Sparta: War of Empires

Plarium (2014)
MMORTS | It’s 5th century BC, and Xerxes’ Persian Empire threatens the existence of ancient Greece. Combat isn’t enough to fight against his mighty army – strategic politics and diplomacy are necessary to overthrow his reign. You’ve been guided by King Leonidas and through the use of his Spartan army,...
Graphics: 8.3   World: 8.2   Gameplay: 8.6

Tribal Wars 2

InnoGames (2014)
MMORTS | As the ruler of a castle, you must defend your kingdom with the help of your generals and knights. Create armies worthy of fighting for you and your civilians who are relying on your wisdom and growing strength to defend against enemies wanting not only your land, but...
Graphics: 9.0   World: 7.0   Gameplay: 8.5

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment (2012)
Using aviation, military vehicles and fleets, battles that once happened during the Korean War and World War II will be fought anew – with you! You won’t leap into battle on your own; real players from around the world can join you every step of the way. You’ll have access...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 8.1

Soldier’s Inc

Plarium (2013)
MMORTS | Modern warfare has changed. Mineral rights are exclusive to the East African Republic of Zandia with the Zheng Shi Security Combine. Assembled within China by mining companies, the Zheng Shi Security Combine attempts to maintain their monopoly in the country. You want to claim your right in Zandia...
Graphics: 8.0   World: 7.0   Gameplay: 8.0

Desert Operations

Playzo (2008)
MMOTPS | You’re a new ruler of a small country. You are completely in control of your country’s growth and development in every aspect. Problem is, there are thousands of other rulers who wish to steal from you and burn your country to the ground. Save yourself, your people, and...
Graphics: 7.0   World: 8.0   Gameplay: 7.8


Gameforge (1999)
MMORTS | While living in space you take a world lacking currency and resources and develop it into an empire. Better the economy to achieve technological substance, battle against other empires, and create galactic alliances to strengthen your empire! It’s up to you to decide which sort of ruler you...